Our Values


You can count on a specialized know-how, clipped on your needs. Our team is made of finance specialists, having wide experience in business development and in the field of industry, internet, retail and real estate.
Your company will have access to international best practices that would be too difficult or time-consuming to develop in-house.
You will not have to be worried about deadlines. You will be certain that all will be met on time. Markets, competition, regulations, financial conditions and technology change quickly. We assume and manage this risk for you.

Italy and French relationships

UP FINANCE is one of the main professional services companies acting on both Italian and French markets. Our multicultural team can communicate in Italian, English and French. We believe that commercials opportunities are significant between these two countries due to cultural ties and common past history.

Partnership and team work

We base our relationship with clients and partners on trust . We believe that these values are the foundation of strong and long-term relationships.

Energy and positive attitude

Positive attitude is a philosophy of life that brings people together and helps making the right decision. We believe in your objectives and we are proactive.

Milano -Paris round trip

Our commitments

  • Training on the job and support on site
  • Continuous professional development activities
  • Tax and accounting trainings on complex issues (derivatives, excise duties, environmental certificates, etc.)
  • Implementation of international best practices in corporate, accounting, and tax

Our global approach

  • Diversity as added value: many people one vision
  • Inclusiveness as a better way to achieve business results
  • Trust and confidence in business
  • Sustainable growth
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and managers
  • Efficient service: delivery, done !

Our Clients